President of the United States:  Donald Trump, Republican (Elected November 2016)

Vice President of the United States:  Mike Pense (Elected November 2016)

U.S. Senator from Missouri: Claire McCaskill, Democrat      (Elected November 2012)

U.S. Senator from Missouri:  Roy Blunt, Republican      (Elected November 2016)

U.S. Representative for MO's 4th Congressionl District:  Vicki Hartzler, Republican (Elected November 2016)

Governor of Missouri: Mike Parsons,  Republican  (Elected November 2016)

Lt. Governor of Missouri: ,  Republican      (Elected November 2016)

Secretary of State of Missouri: Jay Ashcroft      (Elected November 2016)

Attorney General of Missouri: Josh Hawley, Republican      (Elected November 2016)

State Representative District 126:  Patricia Pike, Republican      (Elected November 2016)

State Senator District 31, Ed Emery, Republican      (Elected November 2016)


*     Democratic office holders listed in blue; Republican office holders listed in red ** 

Presiding Commissioner: Joe Hardin- Phone: 417-448-2505      (Elected November 2014)

Northern Commissioner:​ Cindy Thompson- Phone: 417-448-2505      (Elected November 2016)

Southern Commissioner: Everett Wolfe - Phpne 417-448-2505       (Elected November 2016)

Circuit Judge:  - Phone: 417-448-2550      (Elected November 2016)

​Associate Circuit Judge: Neal R. Quitno - Phone: 417-667-5016       (Elected November 2014)

Prosecutor: Brandi McInroy - Phone: 417-667-4862      (Elected November 2014)

Assessor:  Cherie K. Roberts - Phone:417-448-2530      (Elected November 2016)

County Clerk:  Mike Buehler - Phone - 417-448-2500      (Elected November 2014)

Collector / Treasurer:  Brent Banes - Phone: 417-448-2510       (Elected November 2016)

Coroner:   David Ferry - Phone: 417-667-3322      (Elected November 2016)

Court Clerk:  Carrie Poe - Phone: 417-448-2525      (Elected November 2014)

Public Administrator:  Tammy Bond  Phone: 417-448-2570      (Elected November 2016)

Sheriff: ​ Jason Mosher Phone: 417-448-5555      (Elected November 2016)

Recorder: ​ Doug Shupe Phone: 417-448-2520      (Elected November 2014)

    Democrats in blue.    Republicans in Red
Positions up for re-election in 2018

U.S. Senate
     Candidates  -  Claire McCaskill    -   Josh Hawley

U.S. Representative to Congress
     Candidates  -  Renee Hoagenson  -  Vickie Hartzler

State Representative
     Candidates  -  Edwin James "Jim" Hogan   -  Patricia Pike

Associate Circuit Judge:
      Candidates--  Joe Zuzul -   Brandon Fisher

     Candidates  -  Brandi McInroy

Presiding Commissioner
     Candidates  -  Joe Hardin

Vernon County Clerk
     Candidates -  Dominic Habjan     -     Mike Buehler

Vernon County Court Clerk
     Candidates -  Carrie Poe

Vernon County Recorder

Bio for Jim Hogan candidate for State Representative
Edwin James “Jim” Hogan
PO Box 71
Adrian, MO 64720
Wife: Diana

Born: Ridgeway, MO
Graduated Ridgeway High School 1974
Graduated NWMSU, Maryville 1977 BS Ed. English/Industrial Arts
Graduated NWMSU 1981 MS Ed. Industrial Technology
Teaching Experience:
North Harrison R-3, Eagleville, MO 1977-79 – English/Drafting
Harrisonville Cass R-9 1979-1993 - Metal Shop/Wood Shop/Electronics
Adrian R-3 1994-2014 - Wood Shop/Technology Ed./Robotics/PLTW
Adrian R-3 2016-Present – Robotics/Elementary PLTW

Director, Engineering and Technology Education, Missouri Dept. of Ed. 2014-2016

Attend Adrian United Methodist Church
Member of Butler Masonic Lodge #254
Member and Past Master of Crescent Hill Masonic Lodge #368, Adrian
Advisor of Adrian Middle School Technology Student Association Chapter
Member and Past President, Board of Directors of the Missouri Technology Student Association
Member of the Adrian chapter of Missouri NEA

My wife, Diana (Ford), and I currently live about 5 miles west of Adrian. 

I have been involved with the development of career and technical education for over 30 years. I have also served on the state and national boards for the Technology Student Association, the CTSO for technology students. I have been involved in the development of Project Lead The Way and its STEM education program in Missouri. I am a firm believer that STEM-based education is the future of most of our young people. 

Missouri must stay at the forefront in its ability to support its public schools in educating our students to meet their fullest potential. Our state government must maintain diligence in insuring the education of all of its public school students for their futures and for the future of our state. 

We must raise the minimum wage in Missouri. The current minimum wage is not sufficient for families to provide food, lodging, and clothing for their families, causing them to need to remain on food stamps. This wage is not enough to give them a hand up and needs to be raised.

I will continue to fight against Right to /work. Right to Work will be brought up again and must be fought until it is, finally, put to rest. It will harm all of our working men and women, lowering wages and benefits in all areas.

We must support our family farms. We need to create competitive markets in seed supply, allowing farmers more choice in from whom the purchase their seeds for planting, hopefully, giving them more profit at harvest. I also believe we must eliminate the sale of Missouri land to foreign governments, thereby, saving our land for Missouri farm families. 

BIO for Joe Zuzul candidate for Associate Circuit Judge
I have the desire to use my vast experience to further serve this community. In 1989, at the age of 28, I moved here and never moved away. I did not expect to stay, but fell in love with this fine place and its people. I have been honored to work with a long line of great Vernon County judges over the years, judges like Patricia Breckinridge, David Darnold, Jerry McBeth, James Bickel, and Neal Quitno. I would like to carry on this strong legacy.
I have been a lawyer over 30 years. Much of that time has been spent in courtrooms. Clarence Darrow once said, "The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries." I've done more jury trials than I can count. Much of that 30 years has been being the boss of a law office, and I've assisted and mentored younger lawyers, many who themselves were doing their first jury trials, often winning.
Over the years I've developed excellent working relationships with local judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, probation officers, court clerks, and mental health professionals, and most of all, with my clients.

I'm more than prepared to be your next Associate Circuit Judge.
Married to Cammie Zuzul, BSN, a local nurse, former Director of Hospice and Home Health Care at NRMC, former school nurse for Bronaugh schools, former instructor at Crowder College, etc.
Partner, Zuzul & Moorhouse, primary practice in Vernon and Barton Counties, some in Bates, Cedar, Dade, Lawrence, and Jasper; 2016-2018
District Public Defender in Nevada for 28th Judicial Circuit from 1989 to 2016 - managed and trained around 20 lawyers, some of whom are full time prosecutors, chief juvenile officers, and another who is running unopposed for judge. Opened the office when it and other district offices were created by the legislature and then Gov. John Ashcroft.
Lead counsel on over 75 jury trials from murder first degree to minor traffic offenses.
Excellent working relationship with local judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, probation officers, court clerks, etc. Ask.
Was on the team that founded the first Drug Courts in the Circuit in 2001, including attending national training. The first two Drug Court participants in Vernon County were my clients.
Decades-long experience dealing with forensic psychology. The Vernon County Associate Judge runs the Mental Health Court.

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